Congratulation Winners

World Center For Humanist Studies Happly Announce the winners of the talent compitation 2017.

Category Prize Type Name Std Name City
1 1 Song Saumya Dave , Neha Tendulkar , Henisha , Amrit Kaur Mankoo , Maitri Dharod , Maitreyi Pawar , Mansi Sonar and Vanshika Lakhani  IX Children Academy Mumbai
1 1 painting Oshin Alam IX Indore Public School Indore
1 2 Painting Kaushiki Chatterjee IX Bluebells School International New Delhi
1 2 Essay Anjalee Doshi VIII Podar International School  Anand
1 2 Essay Navya Gupta IX Bal Bharati Public School Brij Vihar  
1 3 Essay Midhun M. Nair Bhavan's Varuna Vidyalaya Kochi 
1 3 Essay Ishaana Surekha  X Centre Point School, Nagpur
1 3 Skit Riddhi  Garg , Parvani Sood , Anjika Thapar , Shreya Verma , Ipsa Bandopadhyay, Kratika Tyagi and  Shiven Chauhan VIII DLF Public School Ghaziabad
2 1 Painting + Video Quinttyz Danica Lisay XI St. Paul College Philipines
2 1 Painting Usharani Yengkhom XI Kothari International Scool Noida
2 1 Essay Abiva, Gamallo, & Javier XI St. Paul College Philipines
2 2 Painting + Video Denise Cadiz XI St. Paul College Philipines
2 2 Painting Paola Mari V. Jamola, Jazmin Mae A. Orduna, Patricia Beatrize Panapaan and Angela Dominique D. Sta. Ana XI St. Paul College Philipines
2 2 Poem Daxita Deshmukh XI Indore Public School Indore
2 2 Painting Aditi Jain XI DLF Public School Ghaziabad
2 3 Essay Gopika K Menon XI Bhavan's Vidya Mandir Kochi 
2 3 Poem Sofia Louise B. Sundiang XI St. Paul College Philipines

Links to the winning entries

Category Prize Name City Link
1 1 Children Academy Mumbai 1303-group song
1 1 Indore Public School Indore 1403-painting
1 2 Bluebells School International New Delhi 501-painting
1 2 Podar International School  Anand 1103-essay
1 2 Bal Bharati Public School Brij Vihar   2103-essay
1 3 Bhavan's Varuna Vidyalaya Kochi  102
1 3 Centre Point School, Nagpur 1501-essay
1 3 DLF Public School Ghaziabad 1601-skit
2 1 St. Paul College Philipines 1014-painting
2 1 Kothari International Scool Noida 307-painting
2 1 St. Paul College Philipines 1007-essay
2 2 St. Paul College Philipines 1013-painting
2 2 St. Paul College Philipines 1002-painting
2 2 Indore Public School Indore 1417-essay
2 2 DLF Public School Ghaziabad 1605-painting
2 3 Bhavan's Vidya Mandir Kochi  401
2 3 St. Paul College Philipines 1001



COMPETITION 2017. Gear up with all your creativity and communicate by a skit,painting, song, poetry, essay etc, one of the most important message of our time - 'RESPECTING PERSONAL & CULTURAL DIVERSITY'.

The last date of registration is 10/01/2018. Entries after the mentioned date won't be accepted. Please read the rules and regulations properly before registration.

Reflect, discuss and present the theme in any form of talent with your family members, friends and school mates before preparing the skit,painting, song, poetry, essay etc. Do you think you've got the power to make a difference?

Please read the instructions or past year samples  properly before submitting  the entries.

How do we deal with the diversity?

When we do not respect diversity, we tend to claim that 'ours' is superior than 'theirs'. That stand fosters division among us and promotes bitterness.

Each country, each culture, each family and even each individual is unique.  

We can choose our view in this way

My country is better than yours
My culture is better than yours
My family is better than yours
I am better than you

Or We can choose our view in this way also

I am proud of my country and I respect your country
I am proud of my culture and I respect your culture
I am proud of my family and I respect your family
I am proud of myself and I respect you.

How do I participate in the competition ?

To take part, you will need to:
• Be a student from Std VIII to Std X in India or a student from Std XI and Std XII, irrelevant of nationality
• Want to present equality, acceptance of diversity
• Believe in the values and ideals of equality , non-discrimination and  convergence of diversity
• Like working as a team with your friends
• Create a group of 2 – 5 members with your classmates
• Pick a subject and present it in an interesting way
• Choose one of the following fields: Recognizing diversity, Equality of opportunity, Social inclusion, Conflict resolution, non-discrimination
• You can create the video , presentation (in Microsoft PowerPoint,Open Office format) , skit,  painting,  song,  poetry, essay etc.

• The language can be any Indian Language

• Register your school for competition
• Upload it on the competition website

Observe the life around you, identify and discuss with your family and friends your perspective. After enriching your view with these discussions, present the same in whatever form of talent that you are good at and Upload your entry for the competition.

Win and recogonise your self?

Prizes for top three national winners.

Special certificates for top three from each school.

Certificates for all participating with acceptable quality.

Selected entries publishes on the website for world wide reading.