General Instructions for the participiants


• Register with your school for joining the competition.
• Category I – Std VIII to Std X, Category II – Std XI and Std XII
• Reflect, discuss and present the theme in any form of talent  - skit, painting, song, poetry, essay etc.
• Do not worry about the perfection of the presentation.  What matters is the insights and clarity in your thoughts.

The last date of submission is 10th January 2018 .

General Ideas

• Recognising Diversity:  when we try to understand and accept that we are different.

• Treat others as you would have them treat you: We all have the right to be treated with full respect and politeness.

• Equality of Opportunity: We all have the right of participation.

• Social Inclusion: Accept me, the way I am.

• Recogonization: We all have the right to be recognised for what we are.

• Friendship: We can all be friends with out the inhibitions of money, cast, religion, education level, beauty level etc.

• Conflict resolution: I can solve my problems by talking and discussing with others.

• Mediation: We all have the right to solve our problems by the way of Mediation peacefully.

Focus on the theme, discuss it with friends and relatives and then come with a unique creativity



• Amazing prizes for top three National Winners
• Special certificates for top three from each school
• Certificate for participation for acceptable quality
• Selected entries published on website for worldwide viewing